Monday, January 21, 2008

fun and good read for anyone creative

it's a bit pricey, but How I Write The Secret Lives of Authors, is awesome and comforting to anyone that knows what it's like to sit down and have everything be just right before you start writing and/or crafting. i always thought of myself of having a bit of obsessive compulsive when it came to writing or doing anything that involved sitting at my desk for a long period of time. everything around me has to be organized. the bed has to be made. i can either have a candle burning or fresh flowers on my desk. i always have a set of books that i will look to when i get writer's block(including this one). and it's nice to have little figurines around. i like a cluttered desk, as long as it looks organized. 

things like this are silly to admit to. that is why i found this book so relieving. there is a long list of authors that sent in pictures and a short piece of writing of what their workspace looks like and their routine when it comes down to getting their work done. these are a couple of my favorite pages, just to give you a taste.

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