Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Woman That Would Never Approach You

She wanted to be the woman of many lovers, and you were next on her list. Her hair was always pulled away from her face, insisting she was proud of her looks-features you could only imagine coming from a woman that would never approach you. But she did. While you were sitting in that indoor cafeteria, reading your arts magazine, headphones playing loudly-she was sitting behind you, practicing how she was going to break her routine of keeping her guarded eye. You dropped your napkin just as she was scooting out of her seat to make her way. This made her nervous so she walked in the opposite direction, leaving you no evidence of her presence-except you turned your head quickly, observing a pleasant smell that reminded you of the girlfriend you had in the seventh grade. Upon retrieving the napkin that just cost you the encounter with the woman that would never have approached you, you collected what you could of your memories to recall the name of the girlfriend you had just been reminded of. You remembered-Lilliana. Your music continued to play loudly leaving you clueless to the fact that the woman had returned to pick up the trash she had left on the table. On a normal day, she would have left it-but today, you had chosen to sit at the table nearest her. It threw her off balance, and took it as a sign that today, she was going to talk to you.

(So....I had been working on another piece of writing-which is why I hadn't blogged in a couple days....and really disliked where it was going. So tonight I told myself...self...just write anything! I had recently been thinking about Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and his last short novel on the many women he slept with throughout his life. The very first line of this short was inspired by him and his short novela, Memory of my Melancholy Whores.)

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