Sunday, August 17, 2008

nerd alert

This is totally nerd alert on my part, but I'm tremendously happy to hear that I wont have to wait until December to watch the Twilight movie. I was catching up on reading Stephanie Meyer's blog and it's been announced that the new Harry Potter movie is being pushed back to July of next year, leaving Twilight to take it's place this November! I was tempted to put one of those countdown widgets on my blog, but I couldn't find any that weren't super cheese, and knew I would catch slack if I did. So this is a toned down version of my excitement.
Aside from the fact that there are millions of screaming tweens that are obsessed with the saga,  it's really an exciting time to be a reader and a writer. It's great to see that people can still get swept up by literature. It gives me hope! I'm not so hardcore as others are, as I have only just finished the second book. After finishing the second book, I was tempted to head to the nearest bookstore to buy the third, but something stopped me. For one, the third book isn't out on paperback yet, and I have a pet peeve of buying a hardcover in a series if the others I have are paperback. Second, I didn't want to rush the story along. The writing itself isn't beautifully written or spends too much time being detailed; that's not what pulled me in. It's more of the fact that Meyer writes just what needs to be told from the perspective of the main character. If events happen that are not relevant to the present state of the main character, they aren't written about, and I appreciate that. I'm not sitting, and skimming through paragraphs to get to the next 'juicy' spot, because the writing stays constant throughout each chapter, and these are thick books. It's been a really enjoyable experience getting so caught up in her story, and I'd hate to see it come to an end, so that's why I'm hesitant to move towards the final fourth book. 
So for now, I'm going to wait for the paperback version of Eclipse, and move on to another book on my list. Oh yeah, there's more about this whole Twilight saga: Meyer has given in to telling that Breaking Dawn is not going to be the end of these characters. She's spilled the beans that she's currently working on writing the first book over through the perspective of Edward! I was pretty excited to hear that Breaking Dawn wasn't going to be the death of these characters and their story. It will instead mark the ending to Bella's perspective. I wonder if this means that she's going to pick up some male readers once Edward's version of the story is told. 

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