Sunday, April 27, 2008

art show at 111 minna

This past friday I headed to 111 Minna to check out the art scene for the night. It wasn't just any ol' art show though- a good friend I grew up with, Travis Gire, had his work up-finally! I'm not being biased-his work was truly the most talented of the bunch-alright, alright, I am being biased! Since I've known Travis he's always sharpied on any surface, and had a talent for interpreting art through a creative unique way that I was always jealous of never attaining. His colors are poppin, his lines are perfectly executed, and there's a sense of humor and personality in each of his works. San Francisco is the prefect place for his work to be seen. I definitely know that we're going to start seeing a lot of his work appear throughout the city (perhaps a series of vinyl toys for KidRobot?)! In the mean time, check out Travis Gire for yourself!

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travis said...

thanks for the entry, junia! what a compliment... sincerely, travis.... lemme know bout yer party!