Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So there's this really neat vlog from France titled LaBlogotheque. This guy goes around and films bands playing a track on the fly, and shares it with the rest of us! There are some groups that he has filmed that I don't really care for, but the way it's filmed and the idea behind catching these groups playing without the lights, the crowds of people, and the price of admission, allows these bands to appear relatable. He doesn't edit anything out-it's the pure music, along with any distractions that may come along with it-filming groups playing in a furniture store, an alley, a courtyard, walking down a street, etc. No matter the group, these short films are so addicting to watch-like little pieces of art attached to good tunes. This video ranks as one of my top favorites, not only because I dig the song, but because of the visitors that happen to stop by to listen to the music! You'll see!

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glomo said...

Sign that boy up!!! You think you can dance!