Monday, May 12, 2008

mini art

I'm sure you all get those light bulb idea moments when you decide you want to start getting into a particular hobby, create a list of things you have to get accomplished, or just decide on something you're going to change in your life-right? This past weekend I decided I was going to start collecting cards. Not baseball cards, not Pokemon cards, but greeting/everyday cards, invitations, etc. These days there are so many small presses that are turning out some really stellar work (which myself and friends will soon be in competition with; more on that another day), some of which I'd even consider framing. To the untrained person, this might sound LAME, and if it does, you are probably someone that looks for cards at Hallmark. Here are just a couple of my favorites from particular presses:

*Card reads "friends forever", by Elum 

*This card by Binth is insanely creative.

*Night Owl Paper Goods has an entire collection printed on eco-friendly sustainably harvested yellow birch that are too adorable. This is definitely a new trend that is popping up among cards, but is really so unique and gives a new way of looking at everyday cards, or postcards. 

Hopefully these inspire you to want to check out what more is out there! I tend to love smaller versions of things, so I look at them like miniature pieces of affordable art that can be kept for your own pleasure, or given to someone as an everyday reminder that you care about, or just want to make laugh! Neato, huh? Now you see why I am starting this collection? So you want to see the first two cards that began this card collecting frenzy? Here they are!

*Each color on this pinata card by La Familia Green is its own individually cut piece.

*And then there is this one, rightfully titled, Tezcatlipunk! How could it be passed up? Printed in Mexico, by artist Sergio Arau

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Gabe said...

These cards are great. It's always hard to find cool cards for people, so now at least I have a few alternatives to check out. I have a friend who does mini-art pieces like the pinata (with individually cut pieces) and they always turn out way cooler than expected. I guess it has a lot to do with how intricate some of the images can get.