Saturday, August 16, 2008

radiohead in golden gate park

The Outside Lands Music Festival is next week! Tickets are a bit pricey, but as you can see there's a huge lineup for all three days. Golden Gate Park holds a lot of music festivals (most of which have all been free), but this is the first time anyone is going to perform at night, and Radiohead will be the first to ever do this. How lucky that I live just across the street from where it's all going down! I haven't bought my tickets yet, because I'm curious to see how they will block out people that are just going to squat around the gates to listen. I'm sure half the population of SF is thinking of doing this, so we'll see! But of course I'm in a dilemma because my brother just called me from New York after seeing Radiohead last week saying, "You've got to get up close..amazing". Perhaps I'll have to squeeze out the moola since there's no way I can pass up seeing Radiohead in GG Park. 

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