Monday, June 22, 2009

this chica is going to be hitched!

es la verdad! and i'm going to do my best to share all that wedding excitement with you!

so, the countdown to the wedding is coming up on 9 months, and i already feel like time is starting to speed up. we got engaged november 23rd (all my co-workers saw it coming!) in upperlake, ca. here i am on the phone with my parents, telling them the news right after the question was popped:
and the engagement story goes a little something like this:

andres pulls me close, sets his hands on my sides and says, 'i'm taking you away this weekend'. i giggle, because the first thought that runs through my mind is, 'he's going to propose!'. but i play it cool, because i don't want to jump to conclusions (it has after all been almost 8 years that i've been waiting for this man to ask me!). i ask him where we're going, but of course, it's a surprise. i ask if i should pack a dress or something nice. he says, 'you don't have to'. so i don't (which i now regret). the day before, i'm at work, and my co-workers ask, 'what are your plans this weekend?'. i tell them, 'andres is taking me away for the weekend'. they shout, 'oh my gosh, he's going to ask you to marry him!'. 'ssshhhhhh!, i tell them, don't jinx it!'. so we're off, driving in our friends car up north a few hours. we finally get to our destination, and i fall in love with the historical, antique designed, Tallman Hotel. the next day roles around and he doesn't pop the question, so i get it through my head that he's not going to ask so i should just enjoy the weekend away from the city. now comes day 2 of the weekend. we decide to have a picnic somewhere near the lake. except this lake is huge, and we're picky about a nice little patch of land to settle at. we end up driving for over 2 hours trying to find a nice spot, stopping several times because i see some that i like. 'no, we can find a better spot. let's keep looking', andres says each time. we finally see a little opening off the road and hike to a small secluded spot near the lake. he ditches me at this point (he's scouting where he's going to pop the question), while i'm sitting and reading. he comes back, takes the book out of my hands and right then, because i feel him shaking, i know what's happening. i don't even let him get two words out before i start crying. but he tells me all the good stuff, which i shall leave just for me and him, and pulls out the little black box. i'm giggling and crying so much at this point because here is my best friend, of 14 years struggling to find the right words, and asking me to marry him. i look at the ring and smile. he did good! no cheesy diamonds, but a custom-designed perfect ring with a smokey quartz in the center and two citrine stones at the sides. the rest of the weekend is us saying to each other every fifteen minutes, 'we're getting married!'.

if you're in northern california area, definitely recommend staying at the Tallman Hotel! it's beautiful.

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