Monday, July 27, 2009

read this, and that

i finally got my copy of The Angel's Game, and am loving every sentence, chapter, and image i read. i've missed feeling like a book nerd, and this is just what i needed to get me going again. if you haven't heard of author, Carlos Ruiz Zafòn, or read The Shadow of the Wind, you're missing a whole other world of literature. this isn't really a book review, because i have yet to finish The Angel's Game, i guess it's more of a, "hey, pick up this book and read it with me, because it's that good!" kind of thing. truth is, if you picked up this book today and started reading it, you'd most likely finish it before me. i'm taking my time with this one. i'm re-reading paragraphs, and immersing myself in every little bit of this story. why? because i've learned that Zafòn's style of writing is beauty. it's character, setting, and plot driven, and it needs to be read more than once. i'm only a few chapters in and i already don't want it to end. lucky for me it's a 531 page book. i'll let you know how it goes, but it would definitely be awesome to hear someone else share in the excitement besides me. you don't need to start with The Shadow of the Wind (the sequel to The Angel's Game), but you should; since that's how he intended for us to read the story.

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