Monday, October 12, 2009

i'm in LOVE, in LOVE with this

i feel like screaming right now because i'm so in love with the world right now. ok, maybe not the world, but just in love with graphic design and how in touch it is with everything that makes me happy right now.

so, we've been trying to find ways to incorporate graphic design into the wedding since it's such a huge part of andres' life, and of course the most obvious route is through the save the dates and invitations...which will be awesome btw, but i was just chillin' when all of a sudden TA-DOW, this beauty fell onto my screen while browsing wedding stuffies on etsy. the seller, melangerie calls this a 'Who's Who Wedding Genealogy Chart'.
it lists your entire guest list in color-coated categories based on how they know the bride and groom. it's up to you how you want to categorize them. and just for fun i came up with some categories if we were to do this for our guests: Brides Family, Grooms Family, Hilltop High Schoolers, San Francisco Cool Kids, Buddies Por Vida.
melangerie presents this as a fold out that you can give to all your guests, but i think i'd love to see this blown up as a poster and placed in the cocktail lounge area so guests can walk up to it and chatter about it. plus the color palette that we're working with for our wedding would look so good in this chart! totally am in love with this idea, but also had one of those 'why didn't we think of that!' moments.

just thought i'd share this lovely find because i'm totally digging it right now and want it!


bluish said...

I totally dig it. I think the idea of putting it in the cocktail area is great - sort of like the watercooler at work, no?
I heard of something similar to this a while back when I was planning my birthday party. It was also like a chart, like who everyone is & their relation to each other.. how meeting one person may have led to friend A, who in turn introduced you to friend B. And then newcomer Patrick over here knows friend A. Sorta 6 degrees of separation. I wanted to it, but just never got around to buying the kit. I think though for a wedding it's be fun and a way for your guests to get more involved

Jonathan Koshi said...

Totally a great thing to have! I spend most of my time at weddings trying to meet everyone and figure out who is who!