Monday, October 12, 2009

wedding digs

alright. it's getting down to the 6 month countdown. i've got the wedding dress and now feel like i can conquer the rest of the "to-do" list. there's something very good about this and something bad. the good: we're planning our wedding! that's fun because it's the biggest party we're ever going to throw! the bad: there's so much that we love and i'm afraid it's all going to start clashing.

so here's the thing. almost EVERY wedding i see on the numerous awesome wedding blogs that i've been reading post images of weddings that are very well coordinated with their colors, clothing, decorations, and every tid-bit that goes into a wedding. i love that, don't get me wrong, BUT what do you do when you're into so many cool things (like myself and my man) and want to include it all? ¡no se!

ok here's some stuffies that we like. uno, bikes! we ride them, and we've got the best custom-made bikes (made by my dad) and feel like we want to rock them somehow. hence this picture:

cute, no? so the problem with why i don't think incorporating bikes would work? well, the space we have is super pertie and spanish looking. i don't want to take away from the architectural beauty of the space. ok...that's what about incorporating them in a way like these people did? Look:

yeah, i like this. it's simply designed and has some character to it, and you know it's not going to be a dull wedding. argh. ¡no se!

let me go find some more stuff that we're contemplating. oh yeah, i don't know where i read it, but i read that it's good to keep a journal while you're planning your wedding so that you don't go mad and can express all the wedding splurts that come to you. i must say, i do feel better already!

*pictures above used from the most recent post on 100 layer cake blog.

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glomo said...

I really like the original "Save the Date"!!!