Thursday, December 17, 2009

engagement photos

we went through and picked our top favorite photos from our engagement session to put in a slideshow. photo credits go out to my dad and his assistant, my mom.

our vision for these photos came from wanting a beautiful landscape that is unfortunately getting harder and harder to find in southern california. we took a few props out with us in case we wanted to add to the shots, but in the end we chose the most cinematic photos because we thought we looked cool in them!

enjoy the slideshow! oh, and picking the music that was going to go with these took a while, but in the end we just had to go with "space age love" by a flock of seagulls because it represented how fun our engagement session was and how much in love we've always been with the 80's.


Layners said...

AMAZING! Love them!

Jakub said...

Lovely song choice