Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fun wedding details

i'm a visual person, so in order to start "seeing" our wedding come to life, i need to start piecing things together! i put this inspiration board together to see how certain elements look with each other while also making sure to keep an eye out for great design and details that will add a fun charm to our day.

i don't know if i could tell you that we're going to have a running theme in the wedding only because we're into so many things that i don't know if we could nail it to a single "theme". i see so many weddings in these blogs with every detail going along with either a rustic, vintage, garden, modern, quirky, etc. theme. but what do you do when you're sort of into all of that?

i'll just start with things that we like. it will all come together somehow, right? uh huh. here are my most recent inspirational picks from various blogs that i'll share with you.

now let me tell you why i chose these (if only for the sake of me jotting down notes) oh, and please click the image for an extreme close up.

1. the first image caught my attention because of the simple and clean design. the way the date was set along the left side is a nice touch to adding graphic design to a small menu card. love it! 2. there was a nice charm to the look of just adding some torn fabric scraps and ribbon as hints of color on those strings that got my mind thinking if that would fit into our wedding. 3. LOVE this! i'm a fan of photo props, but have been trying to think of ways that we can make ours different, more "us", and not cheesy. you'll usually see "just married" in wedding photos, and to be honest that doesn't really feel like us. we both come from large mexican families that speak spanish, so what better way to say we've just been married than with a "novia" and "novio" card! now to pick the font that we would use... 4. just a close up of those fabric scraps. 5. i haven't been to a wedding since i was a little girl, so i'm used to people throwing rice at the couple after the ceremony. do people even do that anymore? it just makes a mess! that's why i thought these sticks with ribbons attached to the end were adorable. guests can keep them as a little souvenir and they'll look great in pictures! 6. we're getting married outside and luckily have a very bob villa-esque dad that can make anything out of anything, so we're volunteering him to make the arch/canopy, or whatever you want to call it. the one in this image was simple, which we'd like it to be considering we'll only be using it for about a half hour. it also has pieces of fabric and ribbon...hmm, it looks like i like the idea of fabric and ribbon, huh? another reason that i love that my dad is going to make our arch is because i have a feeling that they'll want to reuse it in their backyard garden to put plants around it. i know they will! i can already see my parents sitting in the backyard on sunday mornings with the coffee looking at the arch and replaying the wedding to each other. i'm not lying!

photos pulled from these awesome and addictive blogs:

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Sitting in a Tree said...

I love those novia y novio signs! I wanted to incorporate that into our wedding, too:)