Friday, December 11, 2009

a perty paper wreath

bad news for this year's x-mas = no x-mas tree. good news = we got creative! a real x-mas tree wasn't in our budget this year so we decided to make a paper wreath. i've never had a real one growing up, and always kind of thought they were pretty, but then i came across this tutorial when looking up holiday crafty projects. ooo, pretty, i can do that!

so i took a trip to the oh so addictive paper source and spent a total of $7! bought two sheets of decorative paper and the rest of the supplies i already had at home because that's how i role. seriously, come to our place if you ever want to do crafts. we have everything!

it took about an hour or so with the lovely help of my fiance, and plus, it's just more fun to do projects like this together while listening to some good tunes. so we cut out our leaves, taped them onto our chip board circle backing and together created this beauty:

the process:
it's fun feeling like martha stewart every once in a while! it's not too late for you to make one, so check out the red thread blog for a very easy to follow tutorial.

merry christmas!


gloria Montano said...

Wow, that came out really nice! It looks so professionally "Martha". Great Job you two!

Layners said...

I saw it and can attest that it hangs very merrily in their living room:)

Ri.S.K. said...

Awesome, that looks so much better than the pre-designed wreaths we sell at the Source!