Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Home made from Pictures

I'm going to be getting married in exactly 58 days and I've already begun to daydream and piece out the home that I want to begin to make for me and my soon to be hubbers.

I grew up constantly rearranging my room to suit the season and my mood, so the ideas have started to flood in again. There were days I would surprise my parents when they got home from work with a redecorated living room too. They'd often have me move it back to how it was, but I was convinced I was going to become an interior designer. I never became one, but I'm still obsessed with creating an inviting and stylish home.

Our love for design doesn't come cheap, but that's the beauty of saving up and creating the home of your dreams piece by piece. Someday we'll strike it rich and buy it all at once, but for now I can daydream and put the pieces of my dream home together through pictures, right?

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