Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy Wedding Finds

I've started to hunt Etsy for little stuffies that can add some charm to the wedding and thought I'd share. It's addicting, time consuming, and inspiring to see all the handmade things people around the world make. Although I'm not going to post what I've actually bought for the wedding because I'm a sneaky little bride, I will post some cute finds that I came across while on the hunt for things I needed. Who knows, they might inspire you. I know they inspired me to want to make stuff and sell it on Etsy!

Oh, and the countdown to the wedding is now just a little over a month. Am I freaking out? A little on the inside, but excited more then anything. I'm so happy we decided to take our honeymoon directly following the wedding. All this planning and stress will all soothe itself away when we jump on that plane and enjoy a week of relaxation and adventure as a married couple! Can't wait!
Esty finds from left to right: Summer Love Bridesmaids Clutch Set/ Dos Palomas Wedding Papel Picado Banners/ Custom Wooden Star House Wedding Toppers/ Love Birds Screen Print/ Billy Ball/ The Three Tenors.

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