Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny TV

My fiancè asked me the other day if I had watched or heard of the TV show Community. I answered, "Oh, that one that always has people sitting around a table with the guy from Talk Soup? Nah". He told me we should give it a try because it came highly recommended for our sense of humor. Ok, then. We watched the pilot. I'm not even sure how many episodes are out right now, I just know we're behind and look forward to catching up! The show is hilarious and the cast perfect.

Here's a clip that had us cracking up!

It airs Thursday nights on NBC @ 8:00 so watch it!


Gabe said...

This has been our new favorite show of the season, which is no easy feat with 30 Rock around. Each episode gets better and better. Wait until you get to the pool episode that aired a couple weeks back, easily one of the funniest half hours of TV.

aiza said...

:( I cant watch the video.. can you send me some links of that video?

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