Friday, March 26, 2010

Father of the Bride

As it reaches the two week countdown to my wedding day it is time I dive into the hunt of finding the perfect song my dad and I will dance to. So here I am with a compilation of songs I remember my dad playing during my childhood. Listening to them I started to get emotional so what better way to express some of what I'm feeling then through my bloggity blog.

You always hear that a father and daughter share a special bond. I'm not sure if that holds true to everyone else, but it definitely is in my case. I grew up with a dad that came from a life of hard work. There were things to get done, and you did them without complaining about it. You would never see him complain about having to fix things, staying at work late, having to wake up at four in the morning to go to work each day. He would come home from work, his work boots still on and ready to practice field hockey with me in the backyard. He took pride in everything he owned and everything he built. He was often a man of few words, but many laughs. Boys I dated were scared of him until they gained his trust. He was that type of dad to me growing up. It wasn't until I was in my college years that I began to want to know more about him and his past. Our relationship grew. He became my friend. He shared more stories of his childhood and I grew to respect how he chose to raise me.

My parents always like to point out how unique I am compared to other people, and even though I always take it as a compliment, it is thanks to them that I am so unique. That I never settle, always want the best and look for how to get it, will not take for granted everything I have worked for, and enjoy my life with my soon to be husband! If I could only choose one attribute from my dad to take with me into the married life, it would be the love he has for my mom. They are best friends and do everything together. They train for bike races together, travel the world together, act silly with each other and fall asleep on each other's shoulders. As funny as it sounds, they're perfect for each other. Watching their marriage has made me even more excited for mine!

So here I am. Still. Thinking of the perfect song to play as me and my dad dance like we did when I was a little girl and he'd put on these records while my mom got dinner ready in the kitchen.

You'll just have to wait until after the wedding to see what me and my dad picked!


glomo said...

how sweet :)

Colleen said...

How sweet of your parents. Congrats!

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Rakesh said...
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aiza said...

how sweet :) .. remember me when time I get married.. ♥